Goodbye Apple Music, This is Indonesia

Apple might need more hard-working for realize its vision, that music should be favored all people along the world, but instead of music sold with the high prize.

It was a good news for music listener in Indonesia at the end of 2015. Android mobile phone users were able to enjoyed million of songs in Apple’s music library, from Apple Music.

This was daring breakthrough for gigantic giant tech producer like Apple because Apple Music was the first application created for non-IOS mobile device. Whereas Apple’s policy in protected their software is almost closed, outside of Apple device.

“Music is one of those things that everybody in the world loves,” said Eddy Cue. The man who became Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services, hoped more people can enjoyed music, without border like age or social class. “We’ve tried really hard to make a great app for Android.”

I’ve started subscribed for Apple Music after Efek Rumah Kaca, an Indonesian musical band released “Putih” album in September 2015. My intention just for listen my favorite musical band without waiting for their pirated album in internet. This also can cutted down the habit of music piracy and respect to music creators, for their long hard work.

Less than a year Apple Music’s age in Indonesia, Spotify presented to competition with Apple Music in Indonesia last March 2016. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, two of older players in music streaming services from Sweden, who established Spotify since 2008 finally back. This certainly a competition for two music streaming services in Indonesia.


For the first time I was installing both of these music streaming service in PC and smartphone, Spotify seems lightly rather than Apple Music and iTunes for Windows. Spotify performance seems more prepared to released into the market. While Apple Music from the first release still stacked in beta version, or development stage. There were unhandled bugs, like unexpectedly closed when user plays music.

The cutting edge of Apple Music was perhaps on For You menu. The function gave user the recommendation for specific music playlist, based on their most favorite music. This recommendation also build upon user’s predisposition, most played, and last played music. Apple Music’s Algorithm and their curator team show some option for user afterwards, to listen some related music, genre, or specific artist.

Other features which not owned by Apple Music was playlist recommendation based on user’s mood. Spotify had this feature. If more observed, these playlists appeared alternately compatible with user’s local time. In the night, Spotify offered music playlist for relaxation or user’s rest time. In the morning to afternoon, it offered songs match for user work time.

The other prime of Spotify, made user able to remote their music from other devices. Supposing user play music from Spotify desktop app, then wanted to stop the music, they can control it via smartphone. Providing these device connected with internet connection.

Until June 2016, Playstore counted Apple Music has been downloaded about 5 million times by Android users. In other hand, Spotify has been downloaded about 100 million times.

Price Competition

These applications can be used with no charge and limited features. Spotify gave user access to almost all playlist, yet only can played randomly. Then for free user would passed some audible advertisement before jumped to the next songs. Meanwhile, Apple Music’s free user could not listen the songs from Apple library, they just could heard the songs from Beats I radio streaming.

Apple Music set their premium services price at 69.000 IDR for a month. While Spotify only gave their service at 49.000 IDR for a month. Spotify dared to set a lower price. The important things missed by Apple Music was payment method for premium user.

For instance, less people in Indonesia wanted to trade with credit card. Apple Music didn’t give alternative payment method like PayPal, but user who wanted to subscribe premium features and has not credit card, could pay by redeem a gift card issued by Apple.

Unlike Spotify, there was more payment method offered for premium service. From credit card, ATM machine, internet banking, e-wallet, to cash money at some payment point in grocery market. This would make easier user in Indonesia to purchase the premium service, when they had not credit card.

Last March, The Verge reported that Spotify reached their 30 million users purchased their premium service. While Apple Music’s premium subscriber just struggled in just 10 million users.

Apple might need more hard-working for realize its vision. That music should be favored all people along the world, but instead of music sold with the high prize.***