The Internet Archiver Machine

ADRIENNE LAFRANCE, The Atlantic magazine columnist covering technology, wrote about how saved data in internet was very susceptible to lost. One of them was the website. She called as phantasmagoria. A refraction between reality and fantasy. Became reality when someone thought million of text to video in a website was a reality, whereas no more than lines of code compiled by browser machine.

The information based on digital data has many advantages indeed. For example, million of books doesn’t rule out the possibility to read just by human, but also by machine. Not only read but machine can sort and analyze that data. It can spread easily. Without doubled the paper, ink, and production cost. But there was exception. If the data lost, then it will be lost forever.

“If a Pulitzer-finalist 34-part series of investigative journalism can vanish from the web,” said Lafrance. “Anything can.”

Perhaps this became many peoples reaseon deselected internet to save documents, photo work, to video.

Lets continue with the median age of website. Brewster Kahle, a graduated student from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America at 1994, researching the median age of website. He recorded the median age of website only 44 days. Meanwhile at 2001, researcher team from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, recorded the median age of website was 75 days. About two months. After that short time, the reader cann’t access the information from the website.

Internet Live Stats at 2014 counts there was more than 986 millions website in the world. It could to grow. Moreover with easier internet access. Even though two previous decades, in the same year when Yahoo was launched, there just 2.738 website.

At a single point, praised as a new method for distributed information easily and faster. But it became inevitability that sometime that can be vanished, inaccessible. This certainly paradox.

Jason Scott, a historian and archivist in Internet Archieve has been thought for this problem. That information wrote on the papers might be vanished while burned. But the material remaining. But when the information saved in internet, left nothing while gone. Simply vanished.

This worries pumped Internet Archive spirit, non-profit institution focused on digital library development, used for archived the important data in internet. This form certainly useful for the researcher, historian, academic people, and many people for accessed the digital artifact material.

In addition to digital library, one of the machine they bear named as Way Back Machine. A tool that redisplay a part of deadly website content. This machine periodicly scraped into website’s parts, saved the results, like a camera caputring visual object.

They realized, that Alexandria library in Egypt, that many people call as legendary library, was loosed hundreds thousand of book collections and manuscripts when Rome invasion to Egypt. Therefore every digital historic document or cultural artifact should be archived. Without worried to loss them. Because the data saved in internet cann’t be vanished like burning books.

I FREQUENTLY lost important documents saved in hard drive or laptop. At the first time used personal computer, I’m not so careful in saving any documents.

Therefore I choose blog for saving several documents and notes. Like discussion resume, news report, to personal notes. Indeed not all the documents like very personal trivial notes. The advantages was so clear. No more fear in loose that documents.

Some blog services even provided free storage for photo, video, and documents  for their user. In addition to content organized by category and keyword. It almost like simple search engine to track whatever we wrote. Or may be like mini encyclopedia for our track record we have created.

Any difference between microblog or social media, which gave spaces for user and uploading documents? Course many. But the simplest for me, blog engaged people to read and rested for every content they’ve seen. The rest that make people have more time for think and muses, respoding to one another, and not overreaction for every pacing issues.

Then the most important for blog might be wider space than short sentences in social media. I believe that writings have power to deliver message. Like a poetry bear some means when it meet their reader. Citing Lord Alfred Tennyson, in his rhyme in The Princess, O Swallow, that brief is live and writing is long.***