The Internet Archiver Machine

Lukisan O. Von Corven, "The Great Library of Alexandria" yang dibuat pada abad 19 masehi.

ADRIENNE LAFRANCE, The Atlantic magazine columnist covering technology, wrote about how saved data in internet was very susceptible to lost. One of them was the website. She called as phantasmagoria. A refraction between reality and fantasy. Became reality when someone thought million of text to video in a website was a reality, whereas no more than lines of code compiled by browser machine.

The information based on digital data has many advantages indeed. For example, million of books doesn’t rule out the possibility to read just by human, but also by machine. Not only read but machine can sort and analyze that data. It can spread easily. Without doubled the paper, ink, and production cost. But there was exception. If the data lost, then it will be lost forever.

“If a Pulitzer-finalist 34-part series of investigative journalism can vanish from the web,” said Lafrance. “Anything can.”

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Goodbye Apple Music, This is Indonesia

Apple might need more hard-working for realize its vision, that music should be favored all people along the world, but instead of music sold with the high prize.

It was a good news for music listener in Indonesia at the end of 2015. Android mobile phone users were able to enjoyed million of songs in Apple’s music library, from Apple Music.

This was daring breakthrough for gigantic giant tech producer like Apple because Apple Music was the first application created for non-IOS mobile device. Whereas Apple’s policy in protected their software is almost closed, outside of Apple device.

“Music is one of those things that everybody in the world loves,” said Eddy Cue. The man who became Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services, hoped more people can enjoyed music, without border like age or social class. “We’ve tried really hard to make a great app for Android.”

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